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Fat Transfer

Autologous fat transfer involves the removal and relocation of the patient's own body fat to plump up an area that has lost volume after surgery, injury, aging or another cause. Fat transfer is commonly useful for breast augmentation and treatment for skin creases and wrinkles. There is no risk of allergic reaction because the transplanted fat comes from the patient. Other advantages of autologous fat transfer include a short recovery time, long-lasting results and effectiveness on any skin type.

Fractional CO2

Riopelle Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center | Fat Transfer | Fractional CO2 | LiposuctionActiveFX by Lumenis® combines the precision of a CO2 laser with the speed of fractional resurfacing technology to provide unprecedented facial rejuvenation. Taking years off lined and sun-damaged skin like a nonsurgical facelift, ActiveFX achieves immediate, dramatic results that can last for years. It works on multiple levels simultaneously:

  • Tightens skin
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smoothes frown lines
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Reveals fresh skin beneath the aged surface
  • Stimulates collagen growth for a youthful fullness

ActiveFX requires less downtime than other laser facial rejuvenation procedures, with most patients returning to work in a few days. The procedure typically causes no discomfort beyond a sensation of warmth like a mild sunburn.

Fraxel® Dual

Riopelle Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center | Fat Transfer | Fractional CO2 | LiposuctionThe Fraxel Dual system is a new version of Fraxel's laser treatment that expands on its versatility. Safe and effective, it can produce remarkable results on all skin types, anywhere on the body. Improvement is immediate, and the Fraxel Dual laser is used to successfully treat the effects of sun damage, wrinkles, acne scars, surgical scars, melasma and Actinic Keratosis where other therapies have failed. It keeps surrounding tissue intact for maximum healing and minimal discomfort or downtime. The Fraxel Dual laser is able to penetrate deep into the skin to stimulate collagen remodeling, which enhances results for weeks and even months after the procedure. An improved scanner design has increased procedure speed by 25%, offering minimal disruption to your daily routine. Dr. Riopelle offers Fraxel Dual 1227 and 1550 laser treatments.

Hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is an alternative treatment method that uses increased pressure and oxygen levels to heal wounds and other medical conditions. This type of treatment was first used over 300 years ago, and has been proven effective for the treatment of a wide range of diseases, injuries, infections and other conditions affecting many different systems of the body.


Liposuction is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure used to remove localized areas of fat from the body through a small thin tube called a cannula. The fat from the targeted area is suctioned from the body through this tube to help patients achieve a slim and balanced appearance.

While the conventional liposuction procedure was effective in removing excessive fat deposits, it was a painful procedure that involved suctioning out large areas of solid fat. New technology has allowed for different techniques that improve the accuracy and reduce the pain associated with this procedure.

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SmartLipo™ is a new laser-assisted liposuction technique that simultaneously destroys fat cells and tightens skin. FDA-approved SmartLipo offers a faster, safer and less invasive alternative to other liposuction methods, with fewer side effects and a shorter recovery time.

SmartLipo achieves dramatic results by delivering Nd:YAG laser energy through a small incision to localized fat deposits on the face and body. The laser not only ruptures fat cells, which then drain away harmlessly, it also coagulates tissue on contact, stimulating collagen production for tighter skin and resulting in less bleeding. Fat removal can usually be done in a single 45- to 60-minute treatment with local anesthesia.

VASER® Liposuction

Patients seeking to tone targeted areas of the body which are unresponsive to diet and exercise have turned to liposuction for many years as an effective option to achieve their desired body contour. While effective in producing a slimmer appearance, patients often experienced "lumpy" results and long recovery times due to the destruction of nearby nerves, blood vessels and other tissues in the treated area. Now, patients can achieve their desired results in a faster and safer method using targeted fat reduction with VASER® Lipo.

The unique VASER® Lipo treatment combines new patented technology with advanced surgical techniques to gently dissolve and remove excess fatty tissue from the abdomen, hips, "love handles," "saddlebags," thighs, arms, back, knees, neck and chin. The VASER Lipo procedure uses ultrasound energy to eliminate fat while leaving nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue largely undisturbed. Without damage to this tissue, patients experience little pain and achieve much smoother results than with traditional liposuction.

Tickle Liposuction

Tickle Liposuction uses “nutational” technology to break up deposits of fat cells before they are removed. Older methods rely on laser or ultrasound heat, which can damage the tissue. Instead, Tickle Liposuction features a cannula, or tubing, that rotates in a circular motion to gently separate and remove the unwanted fat cells safely and efficiently. This FDA-approved technique allows physicians the opportunity to remove deeper layers of fat in addition to the fat cells just under the skin to provide the most aesthetically pleasing outcome. Since the device remains cool throughout the procedure, there is little discomfort associated with Tickle Liposuction and most patients report feeling only a mild tickling sensation.

Stem Cell Facelift / Facial Rejuvenation

Stem cells are unspecialized cells that exist in all of our bodies. They can divide themselves and produce either more stem cells or cells with a specific function, such as to heal and regenerate tissue. Now physicians can put them to use in a stem cell facelift procedure that rejuvenates the skin and restores a youthful appearance. No incisions are necessary for a stem cell facelift. Instead, fat is harvested from the patient, then the stem cells are separated and concentrated before being returned to the fat. This enhanced fat is injected into the areas of the face that would benefit most. The fat will add volume for a smoother, younger look, while the stem cells increase the production of collagen and blood vessels for naturally renewed skin.

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