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Jeffrey Riopelle's Philosophy

Riopelle Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center | About UsMany people are greatly affected regarding health and longevity by their self esteem and emotional well-being. Many factors play important roles in self esteem and emotional well-being. Dr. Riopelle believes in treating the entire person through proper fitness, exercise ad nutritional support. In today's society, one's external appearance also affects self esteem and emotional well-being. Proper appearance also plays a role in business, as a youthful appearance implies vitality, energy and a youthful outlook. Dr. Riopelle combines today's most modem technology with the use of a proper skin care regimen, exercise and nutritional supplements to help work toward optimal anti-aging results. Dr. Riopelle co-authored a 1998 book on fitness and health and has lectured on anti-aging through weight loss, exercise, supplements and skin treatment techniques. He provides a well balanced approach to health and skin care and is currently working on his second book- a day by day guide to optimal appearance using modem technology, skin care regimens, proper diet, weight loss and nutritional supplements.

Dr. Riopelle recognizes that we live in a busy world in which people sometimes cannot afford one to two weeks or more of downtime. Thus he utilizes and takes great pride in his expertise in performing skin enhancement procedures that for the most part involve little or no downtime. He has studied and obtained technology that he feels is most suitable to optimal results with minimal risk. He owns and operates multiple laser and skin enhancement technologies and has appropriate upgrades to equipment as it become available.

Dr. Riopelle also recognizes that no two people are alike and that different procedures and techniques may be needed to treat the same problem in different individuals. Therefore, part of the consultation involves an overall assessment of skin care needs to develop just the right skin care regimen individualized for the patient's needs. Dr. Riopelle assesses the goals and desires of the patient, performs an exam and clearly outlines the treatment options. Risks of the procedures are reviewed and realistic expectations are discussed. In some cases alternate approaches not performed by Dr. Riopelle are more appropriate. Dr. Riopelle works closely with and can arrange a timely referral to a plastic surgeon or general dermatologist when indicated. The goal of the consultation is to provide the patient with plenty of information to make a good decision and to know to expect. We also utilize the time to review pre-and post-procedure instructions.

Prior to the procedure or at the time of the procedure, pre-procedure pictures will be taken. Most no-downtime procedures involve a gradual process of improvement. Pastures play an important role in assessment of progress down the line. All pictures are confidential and will only be used to show others if you consent to their use.

The process does not end when procedures have been completed. Dr. Riopelle derivces great pleasure from seeing his patients in follow-up down the road to see how they are doing. Patients feel very comfortable and reassured with Dr. Riopelle's bedside manner. Consider scheduling a consultation as the next step in your research process.

Donna Riopelle's Philosophy

Riopelle Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center | About UsMedicine is both an art and a powerful science to me. I feel the interaction between the human body and our environment is very complex. It is a mystery no one can fully understand because things are constantly changing both inside and outside our bodies. To keep functioning in a healthy, energetic manner, it takes knowledge to optimize our health and our longevity. Medicine is an honest commitment from one's self to search for this knowledge. It is also about preventing illness and thus prolonging and improving the quality of life in all areas of our being, including all the senses: hearing, seeing, touching, feeling, tasting. For example: our minds think more clearly, our eyes can see more precisely, our ears can hear more sharply. These abilities naturally decrease as we age, but we can also protect ourselves through preventative measures. Growing old does not have to illicit the image of our great, great grandparents -old, wrinkled, hard of hearing, and irritable.

We can acquire and sustain this higher quality of life through healthy living, eating a balanced diet, taking vitamins, herbal, and hormonal supplements (when needed), finding a trusted medical professional-M.D., N.P. or P.A.- to work with you, getting annual recommended exams, keeping weight and BMI within ideal range, exercising moderately, resting adequately everyday (studies have shown that rest is needed to allow inflammation to calm down), participating in a daily outdoor activity for 15-30 minutes, maintaining a family life, adhering to moral standards, and holding one's self accountable (studies show that married individuals live longer), daily to weekly adherence to formal religion, i.e. faith or meditation (once again studies have shown a longer life expectation with those that attend church on a weekly basis).

Following a balanced diet, which is low in processed foods, moderately low in fat and protein, and choosing mainly from a low glycemic index range will help our metabolism and BMI. One must continue working towards a healthy BMI with the aid of your medical provider, nutritionist, and/or personal trainer. Ask for help.

Those that can accept help achieve far greater rewards than those that have the attitude of "I'll do it myself". Take time for yourself and give to others daily. Remain active in some form. Help others, volunteer a little. Our bodies and minds are not made to retire and stop. Studies show an increased death rate in retirees after 3-4 years of retirement. Why? I can only deduce that when mental/physical requirements begin relaxing, the body will give up. Live life to the fullest, day by day and see what life can give back to you. Smile each day.

Our mind and body will come up to the plate, if we let them. We need to exercise them. Our mind is a muscle and, just like the any other muscle in our body, if we don't use it-it will go bad.

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